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Super-Speciality Hospital

Super-Specialty Hospital and Nursing Home in Bikaner.

Medical Service

Where high quality medical service meets warmth and personal care

24 Hours/ 7 Days

Day and Night - 24/7 : Outpatient Clinic and In Patient Admissions.

24 hours Lab

24 hours Lab, BIOCHEMISTRY and PATHOLOGY Lab, facilities and Pharmacy.

Best Neurologist in Bikaner

People might sometimes face problems with their senses, for example, touch, vision and smell and they sometimes need a Neurologist for the same. These problems may be caused by nervous system disorders and may affect brain nerves, and sometimes cause a stroke. Hence it is necessary to have the services of the best neurologist in Bikaner, who will treat your neurological disease by giving you medicines or physical therapy.

If you are having problems, you can visit our hospital PKCMNC (Pandit Krishna Chandra Memorial Neuroscience Centre) because of the high quality, personalized and attentive medical care that is given by our staff. If you are suffering from a mental disorder, depression, phobia or anxiety, de addiction, a psychiatrist can really help you get better and lead a healthy, meaningful, and spiritual life. Dr. Achyut Trivedi is best psychiatrist in Bikaner, who will understand your problem in a better way. Finding the best psychological doctor in Bikaner, Rajasthan can be a tough job but we assure you that the psychological doctor available at our hospital is highly experienced. We believe that in our neuro care centre, high-quality medical services are provided with utmost care and warmth we also have 24*7 emergency services for immediate treatment and high-quality medical care at a reasonable fees. We are one of a kind in Bikaner and a 24 hours lab, biochemistry and Pathology Lab is what sets us apart.

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