Ketamine Therapy in Bikaner

Every 1 person of 20 in India is depressed. Many people in India take their life and commit suicide because of depression. People do not like to talk about depression because they think that the society will judge them and hence, end up taking up their life. Depression is a feeling of severe dejection and disapproval where a person experiences sadness and happiness and hopelessness. Depression is a serious medical illness, which effects how you feel, how you think and how you react. If you feel dejected or sad in your daily life then you should opt for a therapy and get yourself out of the situation. Also, if, after seeing a psychiatrist, there is no recovery you can go for the Ketamine therapy in Bikaner.

Ketamine is gaining popularity as a treatment for the depressed. Ketamine induces a state, which provides pain relief situation and memory loss. A study had found that ketamine was better at stopping the rate of suicide thought in the different patients than a sedative. Ketamine acts quickly within hours and works differently from the antidepressants. Our Ketamine therapy center in Bikaner, Rajasthan helps in major depression including postpartum depression, post-traumatic, stress disorder, bipolar depression, severe anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. We provide personalized and high-quality care for people suffering from depression and help them in leading a successful and normal life. Our vision is to provide you with the best care and facilities at a low and affordable fee.